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Mindfulness Programs Across Canada

We're embarking on a Canada-wide search for Mindfulness programs, with a goal of curating a diverse range of group program offerings for both clients as well as professionals eager to enhance their skills in program delivery.


Please note that this list is not exhaustive and excludes mental health programs with a minor focus on mindfulness, programs within multidisciplinary clinics catering exclusively to their own patients, asynchronous offerings (such as prerecorded or written content), and mindfulness-based therapists providing teachings on an individual basis.

As MCC launches in Fall 2023, you'll find that we discovered more listings for Ontario. This is likely because Ontario's health plan covers programs offered by Ontario MDs and some health facilities.

Please note: we are not endorsing any program.

Guidelines when searching for programs

Be curious and look at the training of those facilitating or teaching. Mindfulness is not a benign intervention and difficult feelings arise during programs which may need individual therapist intervention.

​In the clinical space, (e.g., when offering MBCT, MBCPM programs) it is advisable that facilitators have, in addition to mindfulness facilitator training, health care professional qualification , that provide insurance, and some background in mental health training.


​Group program fees may not be covered by extended benefits.

​Some provinces (Ontario and Quebec) have provincial health care coverage for MDs or allied health care professionals within publicly funded clinics to lead programs, making them free or less costly to participants. This coverage does not extend to allied health professionals in private practice.

​Programs may extend across provincial and territorial borders if online. But for MD-led online programs in Ontario both participant and MD must be in Ontario to have provincial coverage.

​Some facilitators may not be licensed to offer their services outside the jurisdictions in which they are licensed.

​Clients will benefit from attending ongoing “maintenance” through communities of Mindfulness practitioners who meet regularly to practice together.

​Clients should be advised to not attend silent retreats as their initial introduction to mindfulness.

Mindfulness does not replace medical advice. Mindfulness is a complimentary tool.

Please suspend judging, be accepting that we must start at the beginning, trust we will reach a better balance as MCC matures and contact us to add your listing!

MBSR: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

MBCT: Mindfulness-Based Cognitive therapy

MBC: Mindfulness-Based Compassion

DBT: Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

MBCPM: Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management

Other programs may be offered based on mindfulness tenets.

Province List

We welcome new organizations and associations to our resource list.

Please complete this form to add your name to our list

Alberta and
British Columbia 
Manitoba and Saskatchewan
Maritimes, Labrador and Newfoundland
Yukon, Nunavut and
Northwest Territories
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