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About us

The Mindfulness Council of Canada (MCC) was established to address the increasing demand for information about where to find skillfully taught mindfulness programs, whether for personal or professional development or for those interested in facilitating mindfulness programs. We are committed to actively promoting networking and advocacy within the Mindfulness community.

Mission, Vision & Values 

Our Mission

To promote and improve access to skillfully-delivered mindfulness programs and practices in all spaces, for all persons living in Canada

Our Vision

Healthier, self-aware and self-empowered individuals living mindfully across Canada with mutual respect, increased well-being, quality of life and happiness.

Our Values

Self-awareness and self-empowerment, based on Principles of:

inclusion, equity, diversity, accessibility, authenticity, compassion, kindness, respect, trauma-informed approaches, collaboration and understanding.

Mindfulness definition

Mindfulness is the awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in a non-judgmental way.

Meditation practice, on the other hand, is the formalized practice of dedicating a specific time each day to cultivating more presence.


This disciplined routine serves as a training ground to prepare us for applying the skills of mindfulness into our everyday activities.

What MCC is creating

The Mindfulness Council of Canada (MCC) is promoting a nationwide network of resources for individuals and organizations interested in accessing skillfully delivered mindfulness training and ongoing support for personal, professional, and corporate development.

MCC seeks to facilitate connection and collaboration and be a guide towards research opportunities and innovations.


MCC is also committed to advocating for more accessible programs, professional training, and facilitation standards. It aims to encourage the fostering of mindfulness communities and mentorship while offering valuable resource materials for individuals interested in learning about or teaching mindfulness


  • Mindfulness Practice significantly enhances lives and contributes to the improvement of healthcare systems and other diverse settings.

  • It fosters the development of empathy, compassion, patience, trust, kind judgment, insight, and self-care.

  • Mindfulness aids in nurturing interpersonal relationships, fostering a healthier society.

  • Its value extends to diverse sectors including healthcare, education, corporations, political institutions, and correctional facilities.

Considering these benefits, the question arises: Where can one access safe, expert, and affordable training in Mindfulness?

Support our growth

If mindfulness awareness and practice have positively impacted your life, consider contributing to our organization.


You can make a difference by donating, becoming a member, or volunteering your time.


Join us in spreading this valuable resource throughout Canada, empowering others to experience the transformative benefits of mindfulness.


can be the key

Advisors to the Board 


can change our perspective on the world.
How people view their world, and how the world views them.

Join our Community

Joining our 'Mindfulness Council of Canada' community is free. Please complete our form by providing your name, email, and province to join MCC's mailing list.

As subscribers, you will receive our bulletins, regular updates, and an annual invitation to our AGM. Maintaining a list of representatives also empowers Mindfulness Council of Canada to advocate for equity in Mindfulness education throughout the country.


Please join us in shaping the future of Mindfulness in Canada.

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Canadian organizations offering mindfulness programs and professional trainings

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