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Michele Chaban

MSW, RSW (retired) PhD.


Dr Chaban has had a mindfulness and mindfulness meditation practice for over 4 decades. Michele was an early adaptor of mindfulness meditation into her clinical practice in end of life care at Mt Sinai Hospital (Toronto) for persons who were seriously ill, their family members and clinical teams. In her career, Michele has been the Founding and Former Director of the family and team counseling program at Temmy Latner Centre for Palliati ve Care (Mt Sinai) as well as the Founding and Former Director of the Applied Mindfulness Meditation (AMM - MIND) program at the School of Continuing Studies, University of Toronto, a program which has been running consistently for 18 years. Michele continues to teach in this program supporting the next generations of instructors and learners. Michele's primary application of mindfulness meditation is in the Foundations of Mindfulness Meditation Certificate and in the Mindfulness Informed End of Life Care certificate (MIEOL),

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